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Related post: Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 18:29:05 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 5 - A Little Bit of HellReese and Me 5 - A Little Bit of Hell January 6, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleDisclaimer and Warning: The following story contians sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note: This story is the property of the writer, any copying in part or in whole preteens pissing of this document is prohibited. This preteen maxwell story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.This story is part of the Reese and Me Series.EMAIL me if you have any comments. mchalejamiehotmail.com_______________________________________________________________________________Reese tgp 18 preteen and Me 5 - A Little Bit of Hell preteen girls nudism I'd stayed home sick for the second day in lol cp preteen a row. I couldn't face Reese or preteen dark vids Alexander. preteen korean models At preteen horny virgins that point, I knew that I'd collapse at the sight of Reese. Alexander, however, would be getting his ass kicked for putting me through all of this. I didn't blame tiny preteen illegal him entirely. Believe me, I wanted to kill myself but I didn't have the nerve. I thought about going to look for my Dad's old hunting rifle, or just cutting my wrists in illegal hc preteen the tub. But, like I nude preteen masturbation said, I black preteens model just didn't have the nerve. I paced pedo angel preteen back and forth on the basement floor. I tried to play on the computer, or watch some T.V., but whatever I did, I couldn't take my mind off what I had done with Alex. I'd cheeted on my sweet Reese. And, what really broke my heart was the fact that I knew I'd enjoyed the act of having sex with Alex. It had been some of the most intense sex of my life. I loved Reese, and I loved getting it on with him, but we'd never had passionate animal sex like I'd had with Alex. I was so disgusted with myself. I ran over to the basement laundry room and planted my fist into the drywall, making my third hole for the day. I dropped to the floor again. Tears streaming down my face, I realized the phone was ringing. I looked up at the wall mounted clock to see that school had just ended. It was either Reese or Alexander. I couldn't talk to them. I'd do or say something that I didn't want to. So, I ignored the phone's incessant ringing until the third call when I just coudn't take it anymore. I ran for the nearest phone. It was the cordless in the basement rec room. Picking up the receiver, I scanned the caller I.D. display to see that it was Reese. I wanted to talk to him so badly. But, I knew that I couldn't. Throwing the russians preteens modells phone down onto the leather couch, I stood there and listened to the ringing nice tiny preteen some more. It always took so long for the answering machine to pick up. I hated it. Reese called again ten minutes later. I was going crazy by that time. And when the phone rang again at about five thirty, I almost didn't even go to check who it was. When I did, and saw that this time it was Alexander, a surge of rage went through my body. incest rape preteen This was a call that I had to answer. I knew I shouldn't really be talking to anybody in this equation at the moment, but the real preteen foto urge to scream at him was just preteen undressing picture too much for me. So, I pressed talk by the third ring. "Hello," I began with a weak voice. "Hi, Jake?" Alex said on the other end of the line. I felt my face turn red. My fists were balling up. "Alex, you better not call me again." "What?!" he usenet preteen pics demanded, obviously surprised. teen preteen model "I said don't fucking call me again tonight! What language do you speak and understand?!" "What the hell's wrong with you?!" he asked, sounding a little playful. I released some more of my anger by throwing a punch into the air. erotic early preteen I let out a sigh as I did veronika preteen video so. A videos preteen hot sigh that I'm sure was loud enough for Alex to hear. "Jake," preteen pantie ads Alex said, waiting for a response. I wasn't sure what to say. I was just so pissed off at him and myself. "Actually," I just blurted out, an idea occuring to me. sexypreteen girls "Why don't you come over here." I didn't really know what I was doing but I had to do something. "Are you sure?" Alex asked, obviously aware of how mad I was. "Yeah, Alex," I began, "I need to talk to you about something. Something preteen pussy collection real important." "Okay, but you sound pissed for some reason . . . preteen nudest pictures " There was no care preteen fuck pthc in his voice. He didn't respect or like me anymore. His intent was just to use me for sex. And, he'd continue to threaten me with exposure to Reese and the school about my sexuality and my indescresions. After Alexander had hung up, I dropped back into one of the couches. I took a moment to ponder the latin preteen model whole situation. Before this whole thing had started, I'd been convinced that Alex was straight. He'd never responded to my subtle attempts at picking him up. I guessed that they'd been too subtle. Before I'd met Reese I'd been so shy with other guys. Letting out a big sigh, I dialed Reese. I only waited for one ring before he picked up. "Hello, Jake?" Reese asked. preteen model kelly "Yeah, Reese," I replied, a smile coming to my face. It felt good to hear his sweet voice. But the thought of having preteen rape hentai to tell preteen cuties him what I'd done with Alex crushed my heart. "Where the hell have you been?!" he demanded. There was concern in his voice. Unlike Alex, who I'd discovered was nothing but an evil blackmailing self-serving ass hole, Reese loved preteens naturists camping and cared for me. He loved me like I loved him. More than anyone else. "I've been sick mostly," I lied. "I've been like calling links preteens model and calling. And I've been coming over . . . " defloweration preteen "I know." "Well?" I paused, deciding that he had to come over too. xxx preteens thongs These were the most drastic times of my life. Which meant that preteen sex naked it was time to make drastic moves. I was going to end the whole thing tonight at my house. Whether I liked it or not. "Reese, I need you to come over right now," I finally said, my voice cracking midway through the sentence. I started crying again. I was such an emotional wreck. I knew that what I was planning to do that night was going to end my relationship with him, but deep down I also knew that it had to be done. Because otherwise, I'd be continuing to live in my own little bit of hell. "Okay," Reese immediately replied, hanging up the phone on his end. He'll be here any minute now, I thought. And it'll be time. I just sat there until Reese arrived. It didn't take very long. Afterall, he only preteen paysites nude lived across the street. I walked upstairs to open the locked door for preteenage xxx girls him. As soon as I did so, my baby jumped into my arms, embracing me. It had been a few days. Too long. Suddenly all of the rage I'd felt before was gone. Just holding him there in my arms was enough to take care of all of my frustrations. preteen model hacks Instead, I was filled with an intense sadness. Sadness because shocking nude preteens I knew what I had to tell Reese. "What's wrong with you these days, Jake?" Reese asked tenderly, giving me a quick peck on the lips. "I have to . . . I have preteens xxx porn to . . . " I uttered. "What?" Reese asked preteen porn manga again, "What?" preteen teens pictures I looked deep into large preteen breasts his awesome brown eyes. He looked so concerned for me. And I was about to ruin it all. After I revealed my secret to him, he'd hate me. I was sure of it. "Why are you crying?" Reese demanded as the tears once again started to stream down my face. "I have to . . . " I tried again. "I . . . " My body began to shake violently. The sadness and disparity I was feeling was too overwhelming. And I began to collapse again. Reese struggled to keep me on my feet but he fell with me. "Jake!" Reese cried, "Jake!" All I could do at that point was cry and scream out loud. Hitting the hard granite floor of japanese preteen nude the foyer free schoolgirls preteen together, Reese took me by the back of the head. Holding me gently, he attempted to stabilize me. However, it was useless. I couldn't even control myself. The convulsions were so nude preteens forest violent this time that I was sure I was index pics preteen dying. "Jake what's happening?!" Reese screamed, getting tears in his eyes. I couldn't believe it. This was Reese Pirelli. Never had he cried in pre teen mothers front of anybody! But now, I'd made him get water mom and preteen in his eyes! boobs preteen huge Just the thought of it was enough to send me into catatonia! I bbs cgi preteens loved him so much, but I was about to ruin him. I had to tell him something that would absolutely crush him. If I thought that he was upset now, I had no idea of what was to come. "I'm . . . I'm . . . " I muttered, still bawling my preteens naked together eyes out. At that point, Reese was crying along with me. "Jake!" He bent down and kissed me. And through all the tears, it ended up being one of our best kisses yet. He tenderly moved his tongue over mine, and I accepted it into my mouth. All the while, we were both still crying. But, the kiss continued. And eventually, after what seemed like fifteen minutes, neithter of us were crying anymore. The kiss had stabilized us, and ended my ridiculously intense crying fit. Reese tore his lips away from mine and we sat there on the granite floor for a minute. Studying me, Reese leaned back against the wall. I sat cross-leged on the cold hard floor, starring back at him. "Jake," Reese started, "What the fuck is going on with us?" I considered my response very carefully. preteen contortionists pics I decided that I would just let it out. Otherwise, I'd lose my nerve. "I have something to tell you, Reese." "What?" he asked desperately, "What is it that has you so upset? What could possibly make you cry like that?" It was time. I was telling him. "Reese, me and Alexander had . . . " Knock, knock, knock at the door. I sighed and got up off the floor to open the door. I knew who it was before I even saw Alexander standing free preteens hot on the steps. "Hello, Jake," Alex greeted, smiling. I hated him. thailand preteen xxx Now more than ever. And for a couple of moments, I was beginning to reconsider having asked him over in the first place. He complicated things between me and Reese. I wanted this to go smoothly. I didn't want to hurt Reese anymore than I had to. Even though I knew that I'd be breaking his 16 yo preteen gentle little heart, I wanted to make this all as easy as possible. But, I don't think I truly realized the extent of the trauma that I would european preteen boys be causing my sweet Reese. I was obviously in an intense emotional state. I was way too wrapped up in my own hurt and sadness to realize how bad things actually were. "Come in," I told Alex, gesturing for him to step into my foyer. Reese was still on the floor, and when Alex saw him there, his smug smile disappeared preteen nubiles girls immediately. "Hello Reese," Alex said, trying to act normal. At that point Reese knew that something was wrong. He didn't answer Alex's hello. Instead he stayed where he was on the floor, studying the situation. He knew that something was going to happen. I'd made that obvious enough. This is where it's gonna play out, I thought. And now, it's time. "Jake, why'd you want me to come over?" Alex young preteen boobes asked, puzzled. He smiled again, probably reassured that he was still controling the situation. preteens child pedo He had no idea. I turned to Reese on the floor. Suddenly more clam, I decided to say what needed to be said. "Reese, Alexander's here because there are some things that we need to let you in on." Reese's face froze and suddenly turned three shades of white. The fact that I had to look my lover in the eyes while I was explaining myself made things even more difficult. "Jake," Alex stuttered, "What the . . . " "Reese," I began, still looking my man in the eyes. "A few days ago Alex came over to hang out." "Jake!" Alex screamed again, "What the hell are you doing?!" He stepped in between me and Reese to interrupt. I preteen oral kindersex couldn't take it anymore, I needed to hit him. I wound up and delivered a punch into his face. Stunned, a bleeding Alexander fell back onto his ass on the floor. Just as surprised as Alex, Reese shot up to his feet. preteen nude intercourse "Jake," escaped from my man's mouth. Alexander, holding his red face with both hands, hissed in anger. "Reese," I continued, even more calm now that I'd let out a little aggression. "Alex came over that day and unfortunately found some files on my computer that I don't exactly want the entire school to know about." "Porn?" intuited Reese immediately. "Yeah," I replied. "He found those files and made it sound as though he was going to tell everyone in imgboard preteen jpg school about me, and you." nude preteens videos "What do you mean me?" he asked, obviously unable to preteen pics nudegirls understand how Alexander had known about him as well. nude preteen hardcore "Alex here was smart enough to figure out that there were other reasons that you and I were spending so much time together." I explained. "He started threatening to expose both of preteen child pussy us to the school unless . . . " I froze. This was the hardest part. The part where I had to tell him just what I'd done with Alex. "What?" Reese demanded all of a sudden. His eyes got all watery again, and sure enough, he began crying again. "What Jake?!" "Unless I fucked him," I finally said, my voice cracking again. I'll never forget the look on his face. He was absolutely devastated. And, as soon as I saw preteen underaged sex that look, I wanted to take it back. I wanted to just jump back in time a few seconds and take back what mexican preteen boys I said. "You . . . " Reese muttered in between tears, "You slept with him?" I didn't want to answer. I just stood there, still starring at him. The pain in his preteen sites porn beautiful eyes was heartbreaking. "Yes he did," Alex said suddenly, cutting in. "We had mad sex on the floor of my apartment!" In a fit of rage, I lifted my leg and heaved it into Alex's gut. He squeeled in pain, the wind knocked clear sexy preteen beach out of him. Just as japanese preteen board I did so, Reese moved past us and ran for the door. I didn't want him preteen isabell model to go. Grabbing for him, I grasped his hips. But, he shook out of it and got out the door for his house. He ran like I'd never seen him run before. Left with Alex there in the foyer, I turned back. Bang! I caught a knee in the stomach. Bent over, I let out an earth shattering scream. Pain shot up though my torso as I fell to my knees. Managing a glance in front of me, I saw the next blow coming. Raising both of preteen sex underage my hands, I attempted to block angel preteen art it, but it was too late. I got Alex's right fist in the face. Knocked backward, I gasped in pain. Blood flowed out of my nose like it never had. And my head hit he floor harder than I'd of liked it to. "How do you like it you fuck?!" Alex screamed, making his way toward me. "How do you like it?!" Not only had I lost my man, but I was getting my ass kicked in my own house. At that moment, I saw red. And I knew that I wasn't allowing this to nude preteen brazil get any further. braless preteen model Now, I was going to make Alexander pay for what he'd done to me. I'd payed already. I'd payed with the bbs toplist preteen loss of Reese. And now it was Alexander's turn! I shot up to my feet. Rage written all over my face, I jumped Alex on his photos nudist preteen way over to me. We both fell back onto the hard floor this time. Except I was on top. Throwing my fists into his face over and over again, I made sure that I had him pinned. He screamed for mercy, but I had none to give him. And when I did finally stop punching him, it was only because I was too tired to continue. I dismounted him and stepped back, finally closing the open doorway. "You fuck!" hissed Alex, blood streaming down his face, "You fuck!" "Shut up!" I screamed, fed up with everything. preteen beauty pagent "Just shut the fuck up!" "I'm gonna make you so sorry you did this!" Alex cried. "I said shut the fuck up!!!!!!" I screamed at him so loud that I'm sure the entire neighbourhood heard me. He was silent. "I have a little surprise for you too, Alex," I explained, pulling from my right pants pocket, a mini tape recorder. I pressed play, and the contents of the tape was revealed to him. amateur preteen pic preteen blowjob free It preteen angel fuck was the conversation we'd had at preteen nude 12 his apartment just before we'd had sex. The conversation in which he'd revealed to hardcore xxx preteens me that he was gay. Alex's face froze just as Reese's had. In a way, it was fitting. And I was almost enjoying this. "Now listen here," I began, shaking and trembling. It wasn't so much that I was afraid. It was the fact that I was functioning only on sheer nerve juice. So much had happened in the past five mintutes that it was beginning to overwhelm me. "You will stay away from me and Reese for as long as we all live in the same city. Understand?" "You can't tell me what to do," stammered Alex, talking through a busted mouth and lips. He was bleeding all over the white floor. "If you don't," I said, "I'll show this tape to preteen boys galleries everyone I know. Then, I'll be making copies and distributing them across the city. Understand?" illegal preteen gallerie "You son of a . . . " "Be careful!" I cried, "You probably wouldn't want to piss me off." nude preteen mudels Alex shook his head in disbelief and anger. He couldn't say or do anything. I was holding all the cards now. He was the victim. Not me anymore, him. He slowly got up, the bloody mess that I'd made him. He moved for the door, but I stepped out in front of him. "Keep your fucking mouth shut, Alex." bbs preteen portals He said nothing, trying to get around me to reach for the door knob. "Or I'll have to open mine," I threatened. It preteen panty parties felt good hardcore horny preteens to be the one making the threats. "Get out of my way," he said, looking me in the eyes. His were already beginning to puff up. I didn't preteen shower porn feel even remotely bad about it. I let him past, and he exited my house without another word. Left alone now, I slid down the wall to the floor. I sat there considering what had just elite preteen links occured. My life had just been turned upside down. preteen kid models And I'd probably top50 preteens model dug my hole even deeper. But, at least it was done. I'd let out all the skeletons. However, I'd also lost my love, Reese. At that moment I realized what my new mission was. My next challenge was to get him back. Whatever happened, ebony preteen photos I would get him back. preteens almost naked sandra bbs preteen Keep the comments coming, at!
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